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Winter storms fuel magnificent glaciers in North Cascades National Park.  Our snowfall is legendary, and gives birth to sparkling clear running creeks tumbling down the mountainsides, draining into the Skagit River basin.

Home to snow geese and other migratory birds, the river meanders its way through some of the world’s finest farmland, finally emptying into the north Puget Sound, the jumping off point for the San Juan Islands.

At this juxtaposition of ecosystems, I have the pleasure of living.  Westward are the islands, the sea, orca whales, and gorgeous sunsets.  Eastward is beautiful rich farmland and the snow-crowned mountains.

What’s not to like?


The project currently closest to my heart is music/performance portraiture.  If you are a performer and would like images made for promotional or artistic purposes, please reach out!  I’d love to talk with you about your needs, and show you samples of my work.


Joel’s work has been featured on What’s Up Bellingham Magazine, the SAM ProjectH20Mental Floss, Spaceweather.com, and Wikipedia.

In December 2017, his work was selected for inclusion in the City Panorama Photomural project sponsored by King Country Metro and the Photographic Center Northwest.

His photos have been chosen as a finalist in the OPTIC2017 gallery sponsored by B&H Photo and LG Electronics, and featured in the Photographic Center Northwest Long Shot 2017.

Joel holds 4 certificates of specialization in Photography from Michigan State University.  He’s also a current student at the New York Institute of Photography, and a contributor to Shutterstock.

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