Things to do under lockdown: 3/20/2020

I don’t know where you all are, but here in Washington, most of us are nearly shelter-in-place status, although as of this writing it’s not a mandate yet.

But fear not.  I feel that some of us will be gifted with free time to read that book we’ve always been putting off, tackling that DIY project in the garage, or just feeling the unusual but welcome separation from the modern rat race.

Me?  As a guitarist, I’ve been finding music theory resources online to help train my mind and ear – as opposed to my fingers.  I’m going to share some of them in hopes that they enrich your composition and performance skills as well.


As a guitarist, the most used sections for me on the Exercises page are the following.


I suggest you work your way through each of these levels until it becomes second nature, then move to the next level – they build upon each other.

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